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Delete a Linkedin Account

If you want to leave Linkedin to establish contacts, decide to delete your Linkedin profile for privacy or security reasons, or you no longer feel you have much use for the LinkedIn jobs section. You may want to delete your account permanently. This site allows its users to access this without too much trouble.

How to delete the Linkedin account?

From the home page, press the “Me” icon in the upper right corner, and under the “Account” heading, choose “Settings and privacy.”

Then, it would help if you went to “subscriptions,” then press “Change” next to “Close your Linkedin account.”

Choose a reason to close your account, press “Next,” re-enter your password, and press “Close account.”

If you are closing an account because you have more than one account, keep in mind that it is possible to merge two accounts within Linkedin.

How to deactivate and reactivate the Linkedin account?

Once you delete your account, you can reactivate it within 20 days. To do so, log in as usual and press the “Reactivate” button when prompted. However, the following account information will be lost when you deactivate it:

  • Guarantees and recommendations
  • Pending invitations
  • Follow
  • Group memberships

After 20 days, if you did not reactivate your account, it will be permanently deleted. If you decide to close your Linkedin account permanently, all questions and answers, information, and connections will be deleted forever. Deleting or closing an account does not mean that the account information will be removed from the search engine list. Search engines such as Google and Bing will eventually remove the account from their index when they try to re-track the profile, but there is no guarantee of when or if they will.