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Delete a Twitter Account

Once you want to delete your Twitter account, you can do this without any trouble. Still, Twitter deletes your account temporarily, as many other social media sites do, but instead operate on a grace period. After that, however, the account will be gone. To delete your account, you can follow the given steps with ease. 

  • Sign in to Twitter on a system, or from your mobile’s web browser, as you can’t currently delete your twitter account from within the app.
  • Once you have signed in, hit on your profile picture near the search bar. 
  • Hit on ‘settings’ on the menu that appears. 
  • Click on ‘Deactivate my account’ and follow the given instructions. You will need to reenter your password. 

After some minutes, it will remove your profile, and all associated activities from their website and your Twitter page will no longer be accessible to other users. However, you will not be deleted permanently until 30 days after you deactivated it, and you must not sign in to the account during that period. If you sign in, the account will be reinstated. 

If you change your decision about deleting your account within the initial 30 days window, all you have to do is sign in to your Twitter account in the usual way, and it will be fully restored. After a 30 day window, if you did not sign in, your report will be permanently deleted, and your old username will become available to new users. 

Your all the tweets, followers, images, and likes will be deleted from Twitter’s server, though the profile, status updates, and tweets may still be cached by some web search engines, such as Google and Bing for some time after that. These search engines are independent of Twitter, so deleting your Twitter account may not immediately remove the account content and history from the public. 

How to deactivate a Twitter account?

To deactivate your Twitter account, you can also apply the given steps that are mentioned below:

  • Sign in to online. 
  • Then, go to account settings and click ‘Deactivate my account at the bottom of the page and hit on it. 
  • Read all the information, then press OK fine, deactivate account. 
  • Insert your account when prompted and verify that you want to deactivate your account. 

For “Deactivating” your account, you need to simply put your Twitter account in a queue for permanent deletion. Note that you can’t deactivate your account from your mobile. 

How to delete a Tweet?

If you want to delete your old tweets, it is straightforward. For doing this, apply the given steps.

  • Go to your Twitter profile page and log in. 
  • Locate the Tweet you want to be deleted. 
  • Hit on the icon
  • Click on ‘Delete Tweet.’