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Delete an eBay Account

Here, learn how to delete an eBay buyer account or an eBay seller account if you decide to remove it for any reason. So you can submit a request to close your account. 

Go to the customer support section of eBay website, then type “close account” into the search bar and follow the links to submit your request. You will be able to delete your account if the entire fees have been paid and your account balance is zero. 

To close your account, there may also be a minimum waiting period of 30 days after your last sale or purchase before you can close the account. Make sure that everything has gone through, and there are no outstanding fees. 

After submitting your request, users can’t purchase any goods, although the users will be able to access your account information for a while. It means the account is in the waiting period before permanent closure. During this waiting period, users can have their account reinstated by contacting customer services. 

Once the waiting period has elapsed, users’ accounts will be deleted permanently, and they will not be able to recover it. If you want to use the eBay account again so you can’t log in with your previous email id or password. To do this, you need to register a new account. 

How to delete the eBay seller account?

To delete the eBay seller account, users need to remove their payment information for credit/debit card or the bank account. Choose ‘All payment methods’ and then hit the remove button from within their seller account. Make sure that they cancel any subscriptions, as well. Make a payment for outstanding balances, if any, before they close their seller account.